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This bestselling book has helped thousands of people find ways of dealing with everyday emotional difficulties, and also supported practitioners and trainee psychotherapists in their work with patients. This fifth edition features up-to- date thinking and practice from Cognitive Analytic Psychotherapy and includes new content on:

* Trauma and Complex Trauma

* Mindfulness

* Relational mapping

* Group Work.

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This is a book for families supporting a member who has recently suffered a heart attack.

It was Inspired by the authors direct experience of being with her husband who suffered a heart attack, and her later work in the cardiac department of Charing Cross Hospital. The book offers a sympathetic and practical guide to understanding the heart and its needs. 

Optima 1987

This book offers suggestions for support and care of the heart from both a psychological and a cardiological perspective. It is practical, illustrates how the heart works and also offers ways to look after your heart holistically.  The emphasis is on how to develop strategies for reducing stress and coping with heart disease

Piatkus 2002

Understanding the differences between the ‘worker heart’ and the ‘feeling heart’

Optima 1992

A positive approach to coping, healing and rebuilding your life after a nervous breakdown.  This book offers help with recognising the stages of breakdown, where to go for help and how to help oneself. It is supported by many different accounts of breakdowns from people interviewed.

“This sensitive and informative book will be of great use not just to people who have had a breakdown but also their friends, relatives and carers.’  MIND

Vermillion 1997

This book illustrates ways in which we might find the courage to explore the nature of our personal edge in order to help us navigate difficult times. It shows us how to develop inner practices that help us be alongside our personal fears and darkness.

Books with Nigel Wellings

An absorbing exploration reconciling the human experience of suffering with the spiritual insights of meditative practice. Dr Sarah Eagger MB MS FRCPsych. 

Nigel Wellings and Elizabeth Wilde McCormick and their collaborators provide us with a detailed guide to all important areas of transpersonal psychotherapeutic theory and practice.  They infuse the reader with their own love for their subject. These are writers who live their own message, not only from their detailed work with others but from their work upon themselves

Foreword by Professor David Fontana

“A rich and moving work that reflects an unflinching honesty about themselves and a deep commitment to the welfare of others.’  Stephen Batchelor

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The Dr Max Maxwell trilogy

These three novels feature the main character Dr Max Maxwell, a psychotherapist, and his work with patients. 

The first of three works of fiction featuring Dr Max Maxwell, a London psychotherapist and his with patients. 

In the first novel, The Pale Green Room, Dr Maxwell works with a cardiologist Dr Saxon Pierce who has been involved in a tragic accident with a baby in Hong Kong and is required by her health authority to receive psychological treatment. Another patient, Vera Dodds is at risk of falling apart after being abandoned by her husband of twenty years.

These two women make very different psychological journeys both inside and outside the pale green room and Dr Max also undergoes a crisis where he is forced to face his path.

In the second novel of the trilogy, The Ruthless Furnace, Corporal Frank Bright has been badly wounded in Afghanistan and finds it impossible to return to everyday life; his marriage suffers and after his discharge from the army he has been living rough in London.  Two cousins take him in after he stumbles into their church having been inspired by the sound of singing.  They encourage him to visit a clinic run by Max for soldiers suffering from PTSD.  He and Max embark on a complex and ultimately transforming therapeutic journey together.

Wordless Threads is the third novel of the trilogy featuring Dr Max Maxwell and his psychotherapeutic work with patients.

Max is now in his sixties. He lives alone nourished mainly by music and nature. He is still enjoying work and takes on a patient called Agnes who has suffered what is known as a cryptic pregnancy. She never knew that she was pregnant until her child was born dead.

Working with Agnes therapeutically awakens Max to his own repressed senses due to a painful past. Both he and Agnes find new life which is awakened within the wordless threads of sound, movement, touch, taste and smell.

Each of the novels brings Max into very close touch with his own suffering and issues. His private life falls apart, he must venture into his emotional past in a new way as he finds new life alongside his patients.